Colorado Leather Quilt


The Colorado Leather Quilt was created to tell the stories of the Colorado leather, kink, and fetish community, to help bring our community together, and to share our stories with the rest of the world.  We invite all individuals, businesses, organizations, Families, Houses, and Tribes in the Colorado leather, kink, and fetish community to participate in the Colorado Leather Quilt by creating a panel that tells your story.

Through our arrangement with Butchmanns, Inc., the overseers of The Leather Quilt (the national leather quilt), when you participate in the Colorado Leather Quilt, a duplicate panel will be created for addition to The Leather Quilt.  To make participation as easy as possible, we will take care of ordering the panels, having your patch, pins, or other decorations mounted to the panels, and shipment of the duplicate panel to The Leather Quilt.

You will need to provide us with two complete sets of decorations (e.g., patches, pins, etc.) for your panels, as well as a one-page typewritten statement telling the story of your panel, who made it, a brief history of the individual, business, organization, Family, House, or Tribe represented by the panel, and the history of the decorations included on the panel.  You may include other information that you would like to share, but please do not include any sort of solicitation or advertisement. Your story will be included in the books that travel with the Colorado Leather Quilt and The Leather Quilt, and will also be shared via their respective websites.

The cost to participate is $60, which includes the cost of two leather panels from Leather Masters, the designated vendor for The Leather Quilt; all shipping and handling; and the cost to have your decorations mounted to the panels by Carlos of CJ's Leather.  Leather Masters will donate a portion of the proceeds from the leather panels to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and to The Leather Quilt to help fund the quilt's upkeep and travels.

In an effort to minimize shipping costs, we will place orders for the leather panels in batches.  After we have received your payment, we will contact you with an estimate of when we expect to receive your panels so you can make arrangements to design and acquire the decorations for your panels. If you need suggestions on where to have leather or embroidered patches made, please Contact Us.



To participate, click here. You will be directed to the Denver boys of Leather shopping page where you can use PayPal to make payment. We use PayPal as our payment processor, however you do not need to have a PayPal account; you may make your payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover as well. Please note that if the credit card you wish to use is associated with a PayPal account, you will need to login to PayPal to process your payment.  The payment will appear on your statement as "PAYPAL *DENVERBOYSL".


We look forward to sharing this piece of history and Leather pride with you and the Colorado leather, kink, and fetish community!