Colorado Leather Quilt


In 2005, the idea for a leather quilt was conceived by Master Steve of Butchmanns, Inc. Since then, The Leather Quilt (the national leather quilt) has grown into a nationally recognized piece of Leather history. Each square of leather tells the story of a particular club, group, or family and when linked together is a movable piece of Leather pride. The Leather Quilt travels to events all around the country. Someday The Leather Quilt hopes to find a home on display in the Leather Archives and Museum.

In 2013, the Denver boys of Leather came up with the idea to create a Colorado Leather Quilt modeled after The Leather Quilt. This quilt would be displayed locally to tell the stories of the Colorado leather, kink, and fetish community. This idea received the blessing of Butchmanns, Inc., who oversees The Leather Quilt, and the project of creating a Colorado Leather Quilt began.

Two identical panels are created for each participant of the Colorado Leather Quilt. One panel is added to the Colorado Leather Quilt; the second is sent to Butchmanns, Inc. to be added to The Leather Quilt for display around the country.

The public debut of the Colorado Leather Quilt was at the Denver boys of Leather 8th Anniversary dinner held in Denver, Colorado on February 22, 2014. The quilt included an impressive 18 panels representing the Colorado leather, kink, and fetish community!